Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bulimia Causes & Tips on Recovering from it

Beauty is sometimes associated with thin figures and suave physical appearance. This is more prominent in Western culture that embraces the idea of thinness as physically attractive. Blame it on the television and movies that features beautiful women with stick-thin figures. America’s Next Top Models and Jersey Shore sports thin and anorexic-looking women which become a beauty and fashion icon to teenage girls. Some women are naturally endowed with small bone structures which make them thin and fragile looking. It is just a usual coincidence that they look stunning in fashionable wardrobes that suits their body frame. Because of this, women who admire their fashion statement attribute this to their eating lifestyle.

Bulimia is often developed as a result of this body image misconception. It is an eating disorder that stemmed from psychological factors and social pressures.  Bulimic patients tend to have a distorted perception that slim is stunning, fat is unattractive, and obese is uglier. Unlike anorexic patients that are characterized by lack of appetite, bulimics would eat whatever they want and then later on they would purge it through vomiting. Vomiting is often triggered by excessive physical exertion, taking diuretics, or even gagging their throats with the edge of the spoon. They fear that the food nutrients be absorbed in their system and that they would gain an inch or two. There are even reported cases that girls as young as ten years old seek to lose weight at the mercy of slimming pills. Social attitude, though, is not the sole reason why many girls are so conscious with their body image. Sometimes it is also caused by other psychological disorders like depression.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Why you should breastfeed and NOT bottle feed

Breastfeeding has become a major issue with most women at the child bearing age. With the increase in breast cancer in women at this age bracket, most women suffering from breast cancer are in a dilemma on whether to breast feed their babies or not. It is the desire of every woman to remain her attractive body shape even after having their third child. Research shows that most or all women experience an increase in the size of their breast during and after pregnancy. This is to prepare your body to produce milk for your little princess or prince. Most women are breast feeding their babies to avoid further sagging of their breasts. Whatever your worry is, I am here to assist you.

breastfeeding advantages over bottles

Some few years ago I was in the position you are in, torn in between breastfeeding my baby or not. I wanted to retain my beautiful breast caps and wanted my little princess to grow to be a healthy child. Breastfeeding is very vital to you and your child. There is nothing better than a mother’s milk. It contains all the nutrients that your child needs to grow healthy and build strong immunity against diseases. Research shows that children who are breast fed are healthier than those who are formula-fed. Other than breastfeeding, the size of your breast can be affected by your genetics, age and the posture you use to breast feed your baby. The way of holding a baby during breastfeeding can negatively or positively affect the size of your breast. Holding your baby in the right way and exercises will help you regain your original breast size. Do not deprive your child a healthy life, breast feed your child.

 Remember, one way to keep your breasts firm is by exercising. By strengthening the underlying muscle it helps them look firmer. And when all else fails an operation for tightening sagging skin can be your last resort. A breast lift tightens skin around the chest area and removes sagging tissue while working to lift and define breasts. A breast lift with implants restores fullness via silicone implants. But surgery has it's own lists of pros and cons so decide carefully. What are some other advantages of breastfeeding? Click here to see more.