Sunday, December 18, 2011

Doctors Use Too Much Technology [Opinion]

While visiting the local urgent clinic earlier today, I noticed that the nurses and doctors rely far too much on the technology in their office - mainly the computer. When the nurse was asking me symptoms of my ailment, he tapped away on the keyboard of the computer. He would say, "Did you have a runny nose?" and then click the button on the computer that corresponded to my answer. In the end, the computer pretty much told him what medication I needed without him even having to think. This defeats the purpose of a nurse in the first place. If all I needed to do was fill out an online form, I could have done that myself.

Medical doctors used to be looked up to as helpers of the community and very knowledgeable. In this modern 21st century, doctors will only see you if your insurance covers their office and you have an appointment. When you show up, they punch a few buttons on the computer and then print out a prescription. Doctors should only use the computers for keeping track of records, not diagnosing symptoms.


  1. Maybe their just should be an iPhone app that's used for self diagnosis?

  2. Jason, that is a very nice idea... I'm sure there are already some on the App Store. I needed to go to the doctor because I needed antibiotics.