Thursday, September 26, 2013

Veganism can cure Type II Diabetes

It has long been known by doctors that one of the contributing factors for Type II Diabetes is diet. We all know soda is bad for us, everyone knows carrots are good for your eyes and spinach makes you strong. So why arent we all seeing 20/20 and look like the chiseled individuals that adorn the magazines we all like to look at? Because Meat tastes like murder, and murder tastes good. And sugar mmmm sugar so delicious, Cotton candy are you kidding me!?!? Heaven.

So what is all this nonsense about being a vegan? I know that for me personally when i used to hear someone say they were a vegetarian, or a vegan I would roll my eyes, and try not to get too close them because they most certainly smelled like patchouli. Of course since I'm always right I was right, about the patchouli.

But as I certainly grow older and arguably wiser, I've come to question the merits of a Vegan diet on a whole other level. The level that, well it makes sense.

Let's look at a few things about the Vegan diet that tend to make it work as a cure for some people with type II Diabetes.

1. Regulate Blood Sugar - Eating this mainly plant based diet will do one thing for you. Regulate. Regulate your blood sugar levels since there are not huge spikes with sugar, and simple carbohydrates that essentially turn straight to sugar. Because the diet is pretty high in soluble fiber, it will also help you regulate in other well, more moving ways as well.

2. Heart Healthy - The make up of the Vegan diet is naturally cholesterol free, low in saturated fats, and high in soluble fiber which makes this one of the most heart healthy diets known to man. This is good news since Type II Diabetes has a high instance of heart disease related to it.

3. Weight loss - It is easy to see why weight loss occurs when you see how many calories are in oil and fats, and how much room they take up in your stomach, you then compare how many calories are in leafy green vegetables, fruits and nuts and you can see how you just cant stuff that much into one hole. Due to this difference, you eat until you are full, but you are full of better food with far fewer calories. Weight loss is inevitable.

Many vegans eat the way they do for moral reasons and want to go to parades, throw red paint on people with fur coats, etc, etc, and oh yes wear lots of patchouli. Forget that noise, relax and have some broccoli bro.

If I thought it would be delicious, I would eat a baby seal, and if I knew the baby seal tasted BEST after being clubbed, that is how I would order it, "Ill have the clubbed baby seal, stuffed with veal, and fois gras" MMMM I'm getting hungry. BUT my choice is for health reasons.

My choice is for the energy that I get, and in convincing some of the more unhealthy people in my life to go vegan I hope to add years to their lives, reduce their medications and overall play a part in them having a better life.

Although it seems like it would be fun to throw paint on someone.


  1. Not sure if you are aware of the difference of Vegetarian vs Veganism. Veganism is a life style. Do no harm. And no, I don't wear patchouli, I hate it. I am not even a liberal, stout Republican as a matter of fact. But I chosen not to eat animal products because it's not only cruel but it's not necessary for my survival. The amount of grain it takes to sustain 2 cows could feed 30 people. Does that make any sense? Why not just eat the grain and cut out the middle cow.

  2. Carla, I am aware of the difference of Vegetarian vs Veganism. I'm also aware that Veganism is a lifestyle choice. The article attempts to view the health Merits of Veganism alone while keeping is separated from the lifestyle aspect. While I am a Vegan I don't really allow that to define who I am as a person. I've also finished 2 Ironman triathlons. I don't allow that to define me either. I'm just Molly, nice to electronically meet you. Congrats on not smelling like patchouli. While a piece centering on the merits of the Vegan lifestyle may have merits, for my reader's I simply wanted to push the health reason.