Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rage and Alcohol to Blame for Retirement Home Murders

A Great Grandfather aged 66 told Investigators that he was filled with rage and extremely drunk on Brandy when he shot and killed two women, Deborah Socia, 59, and Maria Gonzalez, 61, with his MP5 assault rifle at a Detroit area Retirement Home. Mike Reda, the accused killer later told Detroit Police detectives that he had been dating the same woman for years. His neighbors befriended her and regularly kept her from him.
He was enraged over what he called persistent intrusions into his relationship. Reda claimed that he could no longer take their constant meddling. The day after the shooting he constantly asked detectives if the women survived. After finally learning they did not he simply stated. “This is really bad” That’s an understatement Mike.
Reda has seven children, and over two dozen grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Reda confronted Socia and another resident, Paul Fratangelo in the courtyard of the Retirement home. Reda stated that the weapon was accidentally discharged while he was pointing it at Socia’s head. After this point Reda made his way to Gonzalez’s apartment, kicked the door in and shot her twice in the head.
Fratangelo testified that he and Socia were sitting on a bench smoking a cigarette when Reda approached them. He ordered them to get on their knees and pray. Fratangelo said, “Mike, not this, Not like this. We’re both vets. I’m basically pleading with my life here” According to Fratangelo at this time Socia asked Reda “What are you doing?” After which he pointed the rifle at her and fired a single round.
911 Was called and residents looked for a First Aid kit, it was unfortunately too late.
Reda’s trial is scheduled to begin Monday November 11, 2013.

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