Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Florida Teen Has Been Arrested For Impersonating Medical Staff

doctor going to jail
Written by Guest blogger - Ian- On September 4, the Osceola, Florida police arrested a teenager for posing as a staff at the local hospital. He supposedly told hospital officials that he was 23-year-old physician’s assistant student at Nova Southeastern, and he was there to work with the emergency room doctor.

The teen received a hospital badge on August 24th. When he was at the hospital, he interviewed patients, gave physical examinations to nude male patients, gave CPR to a patient in cardiac arrest and restrained an aggravated patient. The teen, Matthew Scheidt, asked multiple times to have his badge upgraded to full access.

When the police interviewed the 17-year-old teen, Scheidt stated that he wasn’t posing as part of the medical staff, and that the hospital was just “covering their butts.” He said he was job-shadowing an emergency room clerk to learn about the hospital’s billing system.

Matthew Scheidt was charged with five counts if impersonating a physician’s assistant, and is being kept at an Orlando, Florida facility for juvenile offenders.

Personally, I think that Matthew Scheidt should be tried and charged as an adult, since he is 17 years old. I believe that he committed this act because he wanted to feel like he was a doctor. Scheidt spent a lot of time earning his hospital badge in August, so I’m curious as to why he went ahead and ruined his career. He will always have “impersonation of medical doctor” on his record, so the likeliness of him being hired by a hospital is slim.

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