Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

It’s technically legal in sixteen U.S. states to smoke the drug marijuana, but it’s illegal to sell it. Medical marijuana is used to treat glaucoma and other illnesses and is given out in a prescription basis. The problem with this popular drug is that it’s a plant, which is easy to grow and highly valuable. Addicts would stop at nothing to get their hands on this plant. So why should it be legalized for creation and distribution?

 Many thugs have turned to the streets and drug traffic for cash. Marijuana is a main product of this drug trade, which gives many shady characters jobs. Not only is it a job to pay their bills, but many of them live luxurious lives in sports cars and mansions. Something needs to be done about this problem! I believe that if pot was legalized and sold in gas stations, Wal-Mart, and other places that sell tobacco products, that it would take away the drug dealers’ jobs. The United States’ justice system has many loop holes and it doesn’t do any good to throw dealers into jail for a few years, because as soon as they get out, they’ll be selling again.

 The U.S. police and court have enough on their plate already, so taking this crime away would free up some time to worry about the things that matter. The police should be worrying about serial killers and gangs instead of drug traffic. If they legalized marijuana, drug traffic would stop because it would be sold at the local Tom Thumb gas station.

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