Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Denmark Now Taxing Foods With Saturated Fat

Don’t you love doughnuts, cookies, butter, milk, oils, pizza, etc? Don’t go to Denmark unless you’ve got extra money for these already expensive delicates. Denmark now enforces a tax on all foods with 2.3 percent or more saturated fat content. When you load up your cart with pizza, milk, cheese and other fatty foods, just be aware you’ll get a surcharge on every single item.

 In 2004, Denmark made it illegal for any foods to have more than 2 percent trans fat. In 2010, the country increased taxes on ice cream, chocolate, and sweets. Only 10 percent of Danes are overweight, so these taxes are obviously working.

 I feel that this is a great idea and the United States should defiantly start enforcing taxes on nasty, fatty foods instead of embracing them. In the United States, over 60 percent of the population is considered obese, which can be a nasty thing. I would really like to see some states creating laws about fatty foods to encourage people to eat smarter and shop smarter. Increasing the price and taxing nasty foods will prevent low-income families from unknowingly purchasing fattening foods.

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